Their attention to the broader experience beyond simply musical virtuosity - and towards the emotional trigger points at which all wonderful and devastating experiences are born, cultivated and remembered - set them apart as a truly special, engrossing performing project. The connection they demonstrate on stage transcends merely listening.
— Melbourne Arts Fashion

Ricochet are a sound art group, developed out of the Melbourne free improvisation movement. The music is constructed as a long form improvisation, most often directed and moulded by communal restrictions or concepts. The group aims to present cohesive group improvisation with an emphasis on collective structure. Ricochet has performed at festivals and venues around Australia, curated a month long series of cross-disciplinary performance nights, and in 2016 released two full length albums - each recorded in a single night. The group also hosts an ongoing silent film/improvised soundtrack series on the first Tuesday of each month in collaboration LongPlay Cinema in North Fitzroy. 

The group consists of Joshua Kelly, Joel Trigg, Oscar Neyland and Ziggy Zeitgeist.