In 2016 we released two CD's - "Pendulum" and "Rain, Climb"

The recordings speak to us about community at every single level of planning, performance, production and design and we really couldn't be happier with the end product. Both recordings are taken from a performance evening at Joel's house in Fitzroy in late February, 2015. The head engineer of Sloth Studios - our friend Callum Edwards - arrived the night before to set up his recording equipment and we set up the space along with our instruments, projectors and chairs. On the Friday - the day of the recording - we cooked for most of the day, preparing food for all of our friends and family who had been invited to be a part of the evening. When the night came, some 60 members of our community took part in the night - eating and drinking, and listening to what we had to say through our music. We performed two very different pieces, and they are now being released. Some photos from the night by Quncy Lau are viewable >here<.

The album artwork comes from a Ricochet performance in May of the same year. Through the performance space Gallery One Three in Melbourne's CBD, Ricochet were offered the chance to curate a series of five performance evenings featuring interdisciplinary performance. The second week saw Melbourne street artist DEAMS create a huge painting in collaboration with three artists or groups - Scott McConnachie, Ricochet and Albrecht/LaBrooy. The process can be viewed as a timelapse by clicking on this sentence, or a small highlight can be seen in real time by clicking >here< or >here<.

Once the painting was completed and removed from installation at the gallery, it was photographed and details found. Three details from the panels formed the basis for the album design - we are thrilled to be able to wrap our music in art we had a part in creating. We are really thankful to our friends at Swoop + Melodie for making the design what it is! 

We released the albums at the artist run performance night at Lebowskis - 16-22 Cross St Brunswick - on April 24th, with our good friends Infinite Ape and Jamil Zacharia. 

The albums are now available from our bandcamp page! Our print orders are limited to a very small number, so if you would like to hold on to a piece of our community that we've worked endlessly on, we encourage you to place an order soon.