In February 2015, Ricochet were asked to take part in the inaugural Electrona 7054 Festival in Hobart, Tasmania. Celebrating digital arts and culture through disused space, Ricochet were invited to perform an improvised score to Fritz Lang's incredible film "Metropolis" (1927) in an abandoned underground cinema. The space was transformed with vibrancy and life for one night, shaken with deep wells of sound.

The inspiring experience has given rise to a series of further improvised film scores back home in Melbourne. Taking place on the first Tuesday of the month at LongPlay Cinema (318 St. Georges Rd., Fitzroy), the first series ran for four films and each night was filled to capacity and enthusiastically received. In March 2016 Ricochet start Series 2, featuring films by the likes of Hitchcock, Lang, Keaton et. al.

Each night will also feature a short film to begin the night, accompanied by a solo performance from one member of the ensemble.

Julienne and I saw Fritz Lang’s Metropolis tonight at Longplay in North Fitzroy, accompanied by a live improvised jazz performance by Ricochet. It was absolutely amazing. These four incredible musicians played beautifully, inventively and feelingly, perfectly matching musical tone to the film’s mood and action. It was a virtuoso ensemble performance by four players who clearly know each others’ instincts well. And they played through the entire 2.5 hour film without a break! The movie was the new partially restored cut, using recently found footage. A wonderful experience. I highly recommend getting along to either of the next performances in the gorgeous little cinema up the back of Longplay.

Entry is subject to capacity, by donation ($10 is about right, if you can). If you are worried about not getting a seat, we are offering the ability to reserve a seat through booking online at

March 1 - Buster Keaton’s "Sherlock Jr."

April 5 - Alfred Hitchcock’s "The Lodger"

May 3 - Robert Weine's "Cabinet of Dr. Caligari"

June 7 - Charlie Chaplin's "Modern Times"

July 4 - Fritz Lang’s “M”